Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Eats

School is done for a whole week or more and so last night, I had to entertain myself for a change. Of course we all know the best way to entertain yourself is to contract it out to others. My self-entertainment lead me to Hulu. I was quite excited to find there were six new episodes of something in my cue. Since I have only subscribed to really awesome shows, I knew it was going to be good. Sure enough. I was rewarded with cleaning my room while learning all about Alton Brown's wonderful antics in his show: Good Eats.
Fast forward to this morning: I wake up at 10:30 (remember that there is no school) and wouldn't you know it, I am hungry. What is a fellow to do? Well entertain myself again with making a tasty recipe from the very show I recently saw. I did tweak it a bit to suit my circumstances. We didn't have nuts so I used oats, and I just made one big crumble instead of individual whatzits like Mister Brown did.
The result was quite tasty. I didn't think to record the results for you my blog viewers, but really the only thing I would change is the ratio of berries to crumble mixture. It was a bit dry and not as fruity as I wanted it to be. Perhaps some of you would like to share your culinary experiences?


  1. Love that show! (And I love the blog that you linked to!)(And just for clarity, I meant to write "to" and not "too") (So I guess I'll just say that I love the blog that you linked to as well!)

  2. Pretty awesome of you to place a link to my blog. Guess I better update again soon. Love your blog!